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We are here for the actors that have to do this. We take great pride in training and curating strong, unique actors. With this in mind, we put incredible amounts of attention into our training modules that are carefully designed to establish and develop the Instrument & Business of The Total Actor

The Actors District’s critically acclaimed online & in-person acting classes, teach actors a variety of notable and original exercises that are designed to bring practical focus to their training. We prepare actors to actualize their acting goals, personally and professionally. We are proud to have actors that are actively building careers in the competitive markets of LA, ATL, NY and LON/UK. 

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At The Actors District, we take great pride in offering a diverse range of acclaimed acting classes, available both online and in person, that truly support actors as they strive to achieve their personal and professional goals. Our experienced team of instructors is dedicated to delivering comprehensive training, incorporating unique and notable exercises that provide practical focus to our students' learning experiences.


Our workshops help aspiring actors hone their craft and develop their skills, in an environment that is supportive and conducive to learning. We firmly believe that actors who are equipped with the right tools and techniques are better prepared to excel in a highly competitive industry, and we are dedicated to providing them with the best possible training to help them achieve their goals.

industry prep services

You can be assured that our professional team is dedicated to delivering nothing less than the best industry preparation that will set you apart. Be it in the form of creative and polished headshots, compelling demo reels that showcase your acting and talent, or personalized coaching catered precisely to your needs, our services are designed to cater to you!

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Alumni Reviews

shawn Ponder

The Actors District is EVERYTHING and then some…we are a family. You are challenged and encouraged to reach levels you never thought possible and supported along the way…it’s designed to do, to prepare you to live out the calling on your life!

Omar Bullock

The Actor’s District is special because was able to understand from the first time I started class, what my strengths and weaknesses were. Now, I have confidence that whenever I’m on set or on stage, I know what I’m doing and that’s because of The Actors District.”

Kal Lenor

The Actors District has giving me the necessary tools to break through many emotional barriers. I developed a firm understanding of the business of acting and what it takes to succeed…I have no doubt that I am well prepared.”


Phylicia Danielle

” The beauty of merging imagery and storytelling to impact people’s lives has always called to me unrelentingly. But I didn’t know how to hone my skills and turn my passion into a viable career…that’s where The Actors District came into play I found a safe space to grow as an an artist, take risks, make and learn from mistakes, and then try again”

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Our. Actors. Work. As a passionate Acting School, we take great pride in every technique & theory we teach. We have a highly interactive and engaging teaching style that has made people call us “The Best Kept Acting Secret in Philadelphia”.

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Our actors work hard in order to reach their dreams, and you can too. Once you become a member of our community, you’re part of us for life. Our students are curious and active because The Actors District  education is a well-rounded one, both inside and outside of the classroom. 


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