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A notable observation has always been that the word business is longer than the word show. This component of The Actors District prepares & assists the actor with the mindset, tools, information and resources to strengthen their professional presence for the industry. These packages are designed for that are interested in positioning themselves to build their career.

Industry Grade Headshots

  • Strategic Headshot Aesthetic Consult

  • 5 Approved Digital Photos

  • Up to (3) Wardrobe ‘Looks’

  • Folder of All Images

  • Prices Vary (very affordable!)

Demo Reel Development & Production

  • Scene(s) Development
  • HD/4K Filming
  • Shot On Location
  • (2) and (3) Scene options
  • Additional Actor(s) Provided
  • Prices Vary (very affordable!)

Audition Prep & Vid Submission

  • In-Depth Coaching

  • Extensive Scene Analysis

  • Precise Character Development

  • Produced Video Submissions as per Audition Requirements

Brand & Career Consultation

  • In-depth Review and Analysis of Career Materials

  • How to Identify and Shape Your “Type(s)”

  • How to Structure & Strategize Your Career Direction

  • Tools to Help Understand, Develop & Establish Your Brand

  • The Real Conversation You Should Have With Your Agent & Mgr.

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