Presents "The Arena"

An 8-week Acting Intensive

The Arena is an 8-week immersive acting intensive led by the renowned Tobi Gadison, Founder and Lead Instructor of The Actors District voted “The Best Acting School In Philadelphia”. 85% of the films shot in Philadelphia contain TAD actors. now in Atlanta, TAD looks to have an even greater impact. Step into The Arena, where acting isn’t just taught—it’s unleashed. Our cutting-edge training cultivates and focuses the actors’ unique talents, amplifying their individuality and sharpening their professional edge. We don’t just prepare you for auditions; we transform you into a force that can’t be ignored.

Our Curriculum

At the Arena, the curriculum is designed to refine and sharpen an actor’s technique to command any stage or screen with unparalleled presence. The Arena is acting training re-imagined. It is structured in an 8-class/episode, docu-series style format, to unveil a never-before-seen, actual training process an actor goes through to become a character, master the various techniques necessary to command roles, and elevate their career.

Features & Benefits


Features & Benefits


In-depth training & workshops

State of the art facilities

Networking opportunities

Industry preparation

Are you ready to enter the arena?

Payments as low as $51.74 per month using Klarna

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