Sharpen your skills.
Your dreams deserve your discipline.

The Mechanics & Core Work: 

Which consists of articulation drills to sharpen speech and various exercises that puts the actor in tune with their complete instrument: Voice & Body. We also train with various exercises that work the actors’ emotional muscles & access.

Flash Challenges & Assignments

 Actors are assigned different challenges and assignments that target different areas of disciplines that are focused on during the week. It’s a fun way to stay sharp and puts what we learn to practical use. 

Character Development & Monologues:

We don’t want our actors to act…we want them to “Be”. We go through various exercises to understand the identity and emotional psychology of our characters. We stress the importance of becoming a student of human behavior and the use monologues to help give insight into the heart, personality and identity of a character.

Scene Work:

We teach multiple techniques that expands & strengthens an actors understanding the dynamics of a scene. This enables an actor to extract enough information and insight as possible of the scene and characters involved. We do extensive scene study using a multitude of media and scenes from Film/Tv/Theatre. 


The most important tool in an actor’s arsenal is their God-given imagination. We use improvisational an exploring tool to help actors become fearless and create in the moment, and a tool for exploring the thoughts & emotions of a character during. This is single handedly one of the best methods for creating range & depth in a character.